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Tell Senator Grassley: Do Your Job.

Tell Senator Grassley: Do Your Job.

When Supreme Court Justice Scalia passed away, Senator Chuck Grassley didn't even wait a day before diving into partisan politics.

He issued a statement indicating his desire to wait until the next President to even consider a nominee during an election year, which would mean Senator Grassley is refusing to take his constitutional obligations seriously: his role is to advise and consent to the President's nominee, not play political games.

Senator Grassley's statement was in stark contrast to his statement during 2008, the last year when President Bush was in office, and an election year. During a debate about confirmations at the time, he said "the reality is the Senate has never stopped confirming judicial nominees during the last few months of a President's term."

Senator Grassley has long been an independent vote for Iowa. Has the Senator gone DC on us or is he still that independent voice we can count on? His reversal during this election year is hypocritical partisanship at its worst.

Add your name to our petition to Senator Grassley. Send him a message that we expect him to do his job as a Senator and as Chair of the Judiciary Committee. 

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