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Stop Gov. Branstad from wasting $25 million

Governor Branstad has already wasted $82 million on the ‘worst economic development deal’ in Iowa history -- and he’s about to waste another $25 million.

Will you help us stop him?

On Friday the Iowa Economic Development Authority Board -- hand picked by Governor Branstad -- will consider approving $25 million in additional tax breaks for the Egyptian fertilizer company, Orascom. That’s in addition to the $82 million they have already received from the state, and the more than $500 million in total giveaways they’ve received from taxpayers, with the promise of creating just 165 jobs.

The Governor claims that Iowa was competing against Illinois to get Orascom to build in our state. But Illinois never put an offer on the table, after realizing that Iowa’s offer was excessive. We’re spending $3 million per job because of Governor Branstad’s failed negotiation and now he won’t stop throwing good money after bad.

At the Economic Development Authority Board meeting Friday, we will deliver your petition signatures along with a statement opposing the additional $25 million in wasted spending.

Add your name to the petition today ---> tell Governor Branstad to stop wasting our tax dollars!

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